3 Must Visit Historical Monuments of South India

Are you packing up your bag for a historical monuments tour to South India but still perplexed about which places to visit? Well then this article features Monuments details of South India that is sure to help you in making the right decision for choosing the locations. So read on further.

Southern India consisting of 4 major and beautiful state of India is also one of the major tourists attracting part of India. Every year people from all across the world come to visit the beautiful destination in the states of South India including Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

But it’s not only breathtaking natural beauty of Southern India that attracts travelers from all across the world. Rather millions of devotees come to visit the famous ancient temples of South India. Other than these magnificent historical monuments of South India are also major attraction points for the travelers as well as devotees too.

Now for all those who are planning to visit the famous historical monuments of Southern India, here is a guide for them with all the details for some of the famous monuments of South India. These are:

Church of Our Lady of Light:

Located in Mylapore, the Church of Our Lady of Lights is a famous Roman Catholic shrine. This shrine is popularly referred by the locals as Luz Church. This name is derived from Nossa Senhora da Luz that is a Portuguese name. This church was built by the Portuguese in the year in 1516. The church is the oldest in the city and its foundation stone marks are referred as amongst the oldest European monuments in India. This church finds its location also near to Santhome Basilica. It was the same place where it is believed that Apostle Thomas is buried.

Kapaleeshwarar Temple:

It is a famous and ancient temple located in Mylapore. The temple ius mainly dedicated to Lord Shiva. However, the form of Shiva’s wife named as Parvati worshipped at this temple which is called as Karpagambal. This temple is a perfect example of Dravidian architecture and was built around 7th century. There are numerous shrines built within the temple but the Kapaleeshwarar and Karpagambal are the most prominent ones. Along with the sanctity and amazing architecture, the Arubathimoovar festival celebrated in the temple also attracts a large number of travelers every year.

Fort St. George Museum:

The Fort St. George Museum is the first-ever British fort built in India in the year 1639. But the museum was opened as well as organized to the public from 31st January 1948.This museum started up with small collection of objects from the British Raj that was donated by the St. Mary’s Church authorities, Madras Presidency Government, the disbanded army units and many others too. At present it is a famous tourist attraction point.

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What You Need To Know About Zumba Music

If you ask what really is the key and most important thing in a Zumba class then the answer has to be the music. In an excellent Zumba class it is very important that you feel the music. The exercise moves and dance steps are just a plus but it would not be Zumba without the sizzling music that makes you want to get up and move in a minute!

A basic Zumba class is usually lasts for an hour and generally based on Latin rhythms but each instructor is different and may well have a different blend of Zumba music. Nowadays there are lots of instructors who add a lot of hip hop into their Zumba class as many students like this type of music for their Zumba class. Zumba fitness programs are getting more popular with every passing day throughout the world and Zumba classes are being offered in many gyms, health clubs and community centers all over the world.

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Indian Tours – Mystic Journey by Refined & Affluent Culture, Landscapes

Indian tours is one in all the foremost established services within the country. Indian Tours department blooms and expecting a more shining future. India is that the solely country wherever you’ll notice an incredible mix of aureate culture and heritage, moving traditions, natural landscapes, some remarkable, unconditional portrayal of affection and also the most cuisines divine. Of these and plenty a lot of rhapsodic qualities create Republic of India one the foremost favored traveller destinations within the world.

But this is often not the final word reason to create. Asian country favorable tours, one alternative necessary issue that can’t be unmarked is tours packages in India is better of its kind. It’s one in all the most important departments that have been observed an incredible growth within the previous couple of decades. The explanation being, an ideal management perform and client destined facilities provided all told elements of the country. With the help incorporation of the many new travels and tours agencies, corporation’s square measure ready to serve a lot of guests from everywhere the planet.

India has the simplest of vacation resorts and over a hundred putting destinations. Name an incident, It will be noticed that India is an ideal location to celebrate holidays it with Tour packages in India by tours and car rental Agency. Few of the should visit traveller attraction locations within the country square measure Kerala, that currently holds the quantity one traveller spot position, the magnetic Jammu & geographic area, the majestic Rajasthan, the distinctive Goa, the Taj in Agra, fragmentise bans, Andaman etc. It has several stunning and national parks, sanctuaries that is price visiting; on balance, the notorious Royal Bengal tiger hails from of India.

Some of the places are well known in India tour packages like as the Golden Triangle tours – the 3 famed cities, Delhi, Jaipur and Agra, other are like Golden Triangle; the Kerala Delight, that covers the all the backwater places that’s additionally said as heritage of India tours, which has all the mostly visited temples and pilgrim spots of India like Rameshwaram dham and Meenakshi Amman within the south, Palitna within the west, kashi and Purii within the east and Dwairka, Mathura and Haridwar, within the North Wild life and journey tour packages, that includes of assorted visits to totally different life reserves and national parks and lots of journey visits like athletics, trekking within the range of mountains ranges, Para-gliding and sailing, hot air balloon rides, etc; Honeymoon tours packages to places like, Kullu-Manali, Darjeeling, Shimla, Royal Rajasthan tours, Ooty and Kodaikanal, associate expertise during a world of majestic richness, authentic food and affluent culture etc.

Apart from these, you may have short visits, bespoke visits, leisure visits etc. Additionally Indian Tourism service luxury train tours. The Palace on wheels, The Royal Rajasthan on wheels, the Golden chariot and also the Deccan Odyssey journey can take a tour you to world undiscovered places. The Journey by train can take you to the convoluted elements of the country at the side of imperial treatment that may undoubtedly cause you to desire a Royalty.

Tips for Australians That Want To Travel To Vietnam

Sometimes people assume that Australians don’t travel to other countries because they have everything that they need in their home country. They have sun and they have nice beaches. If they have all that at home, why would they want to travel?

However, that is a false assumption. People can get fed up of the sun and the weather being perfect all the time. Furthermore, if the person is into winter sports, then they will have to travel so that they can take part in the sports that they love.

A lot of Australians are travelling to Vietnam, especially if they are on a GAP year and they want to see the whole world before they start University or College.

If you are thinking of travelling to Vietnam, then read ahead for some tips on how to get a visa and which visa you will need.

If you are an Australian, travelling to Vietnam, then you are required to have a visa before you are allowed to enter the country. This visa is called a stamp on arrival.

A stamp on arrival visa is a special visa where Australians need to get a letter of approval to enter the country, and when they get to the airport, the letter will be stamped to say they are allowed to enter the country.

Australians are allowed different types of visas. They can have a visa where they are allowed to enter the country once and stay for 3 months as long as they don’t work. Or, they can get a visa where they can enter the country on multiple occasions but the total time of their stay must add up to 3 months.

For example, if they arrive in Vietnam and stay for 2 weeks and then leave to go somewhere else for a month. Then they return to Vietnam and stay for another 2 weeks, then their total stay in the country will be 1 month, which is within the allowance. This visa is popular with travellers who want to make the most of their time travelling.

For an Australian applying for a visa, they have to make sure that their passport meets certain requirements before they can apply, otherwise their application will be refused and it could mean a delay in their travelling plans.

Therefore, you need to make sure your passport meets the requirements. Your full name must appear on the passport and it must match the name on your ticket. The order of the name is not important, but it must be your name in full. So, if you have a middle name, then the middle name must appear on the tickets and on the passport.

The passport must be valid and it must have 6 months left on it, otherwise you will not be allowed in the country. The 6 months validity is from the date you leave the country.

So, if you enter the country on the 1st of September and there is 6 months left from that date, then you won’t have enough time left on it. If you leave the country on the 3rd of September, and you have 6 months left from that date, then this is within the requirements and you will be allowed to enter the country.

The visa process for Vietnam is really easy. It is all done online and as long as you have all the required details and your passport is in date, then you could have your visa letter within one day of applying.

Vietnam Visa is the best way for foreigners to get their visa to travel inside Vietnam. On their website, people can apply and pay for their Visa and for some travellers, they will get the answer on whether or not they are allowed inside the country, instantly.

South India Holiday Packages A Great Help In Enjoying The South India Vacations

Vacations- the word gives different feelings to different persons. For some it is a soothing and relaxing feeling for others it is advent of exciting and happening times in their lives. Whatever may be the feeling, everyone wants to have vacations and to enjoy these days without any interruption from anybody or anywhere. This word has the same importance in everybodys life- no one wants to waste their vacations. Mostly people become bore by just doing the everyday chores, going office, working, studying etc so they choose to go out and enjoy their free time with family and friends. In India there are plenty of places to visit. People living in one part of the country choose to go to the other part so that they can experience the culture, climate and beauty of that place. Generally, people living in north India love to go to south India. People prefer to take travel packages before going to any place as it helps in maximizing the pleasure of the trip. There are various south India holiday packages which attracts the tourists. People who are planning to enjoy south India vacations should take a look at various holiday plans before choosing one of them.
There are various extremely beautiful places to visits in South India. Bangalore which is famously called Garden City with well maintained and well laid gardens, stretched boulevard of vibrantly blossomed trees and healthy ambiance throughout the year welcomes with its mesmerizing beauty. There are many places to see here like Tipu Sultan’s Palace – a fine specimen of military architecture of the 18th century which is build of wood, Bull temple at Basavangudi, Cubbon Park and Lalbagh Botanical Gardens etc. The sandalwood city- Mysore is not far from Bangalore and it can be reached through a pleasant drive to witness the beautiful architectures of the city. Chikmagalur can be visited for beautiful temples, coffee gardens, and lush green forests. To witness the cave temples of Chaukyan period, Badami can be visited. Bijapur, which is called the city of victory, has various mosques and tombs to be visited. Not only this, there are other enormously beautiful places to see in Kerala, Goa and Lakshadweep.

The Importance Of Lyrics For Rock And Pop Music

I used to drink with a depressed friend and early influence, the late protest singer Phil Ochs. He seemed to have everything with his notoriety and famous topical songs and ballads like Changes” and Pleasures of the Harbor”. He ended up disillusioned, hanging himself in despair three years after we met, so his fame didn’t bring him any peace of mind. He was a man who cared too much; he seemed to be carrying the weight of the movement, the guilt of the war, and the burden of injustice for everyone in the nation and it wore him out. I once asked him over some Bloody Marys how he wrote those great songs, hoping he’d reveal the secret. They just come to me,” he replied. Those four words didn’t give me much to work with but the thought of paying attention to your mind encouraged me to keep trying. Back then it seemed like all the great songs had been written, making my generation of Folk Rockers do our best to imitate Bob Dylan, Jim Morrison, or Led Zeppelin. Dreams of glory could be realized by becoming a recording artist, playing anti-war songs for college students…with the side-effect of riches and adventure. Well, I found the adventure at least. Playing urban Folk Blues gets a classy audience and I enjoyed the traveling life, but I still hadn’t expressed myself.

When in doubt there’s only one course of action: think of Elvis Presley. He was the catalyst, the man who was pivotal to the evolution of shake, rattle, and roll. In my childhood, teenagers danced to the silly lyrics of Hound Dog”, a song devoid of any meaning and probably the most important song of the last century…for its sheer vacuum effect on the boy-meets-girl themes in every piece of popular music. The world could start with a clean slate and accept the shock of topics and messages. That song appeared when the content was stored on a 78 rpm disc that revolved unevenly as a little nail scratched out the music on one speaker. The records wore out, skipped, and broke easily. Music devices advanced to 45 rpm and LPs, then to the portable 8-track that could bring your library on the road. Before you know it cassettes came along and made us buy our entire libraries for the third time.

Now we can store several quadrillion songs on a shiny thing no larger than a pack of gum. I suspect there’s room for me now…a niche in the digital medium where my personal jukebox can exist everywhere, not just in selected restaurants where someone bought a thousand-pound machine full of records to collect quarters. Due to a wild string of coincidences I got it all together; I struggled through day jobs, recovered some lost tapes, and learned more about the medium where we are now communicating. One answer to the problem of having a mass audience was a website with a download capability to shop for music and writings. A pile of forgotten notes in a box resulted in a novel, The Golden Blues. My premiere novel is set largely in the sub-culture of the ‘Seventies, and is taken into the immediate future. It’s available in eBook format on the site. The adventure of a quest for love causes the hero to advance his knowledge through altered states of consciousness, mind expansion, and the disciplined philosophy of the martial arts. The challenge of describing the nature of existence, if I’ve succeeded in the meticulously detailed prose, will keep the reader in suspense wondering what’s going to happen next as a plan is devised to correct the mistake that cost him the ideal woman. He would use the way of the universe, the Tao (Dao), to reincarnate back into the same life, basing this possibility on the premise that we create our own reality and that the power of intention contains our essence. The traveler moves through vicious fights in Vancouver, bank robbers in the Montreal underworld, psychedelic journeys, and ghosts in New York, to the sublime awareness of Zen meditation and the resolve of love.

The final result looked like Kerouac got together with Vonnegut and Burroughs to teach Edgar Allen Poe how to type. It’s hard to be objective, but I consider it my masterpiece even though the idea to write the book started thirty years earlier while I sat in a bar interviewing a group of lesbians about their secret. Apparently, it just comes to them…naturally.

Holiday Tour Packages in India are a Dream Come True

For the inveterate traveler in search of exciting new experiences and travel destinations that are as enjoyable as they are enchantingly beautiful, with a feast of nature’s bounty, the magnificence of architectural splendor, the lushness of rolling tea plantations and the grandeur of the desert, holiday tour packages in India bring you the perfect potpourri of experiences!

Holiday tour packages in India, crafting innovatively a novel pastiche of culture, romance and adventure amidst an ambience of luxury and lavish hospitality, offer diverse experiences. Encompassing India luxury tours of different kinds, for varying durations and across different geographical locales, they assure you of luxurious accommodation with air-conditioned comfort, a selection of epicurean delights lovingly crafted by master chefs from herbs and vegetables grown in organic gardens and much more! Satiating gourmand appetites with fine foods and wines, aromatic teas, succulent barbeques and sumptuous seafood. Exotic cocktails, dinner, desserts, coffee/tea and a cognac all meld into a mellowing experience as you strive to digest the exquisite beauty of the intricately carved, world famous Khajuraho temples. Or absorb the enriching jungle safaris into Panna National Park – both an essential part of Conscious – 12 days luxurious private tours. Before that, in Ajabgarh, just about a few hours’ drive from Delhi, after checking into an unusual heritage resort and drinking refreshing aromatic afternoon tea with cookies, you experience a unique sunset cow dust tour through tiny villages. And wind up ultimately with a lavish candlelight dinner!

After a relaxing yoga session the next morning and a wholesome appetizing breakfast, you experience the spellbinding beauty of the ancient temple town of Neelkanth, home to the ruins of more than 80 beautifully carved temples dating back to the 6th century, en route to Jaipur. Jaipur with an unforgettable ride up to the magnificent Amber fort atop a richly caparisoned elephant, the whirlwind city tour exploring the multifaceted and beautiful City Palace with its temple, richly woven textiles and impressive armory and memorabilia, delicately trellised octagonal Hawa Mahal and more, is a memorable experience! Not forgetting the bustling bazaars with their rainbow-hued textiles, perfectly cut gems and famous blue pottery, where you can shop for fascinating souvenirs!

Later fly to Varanasi and check into a luxurious hotel that has hosted royalty, statesmen and celebrities since 1835. Set amidst mango orchards, marigold and jasmine fields, it is a haven because of the immense peace and tranquility. Visiting the Dasaswamedh Ghat to witness the Ganga Aarti, a traditional ritual of worshiping at the Ganges, a fascinating city safari and a delicious organic meal at a local restaurant, such India luxury tours and holiday tour packages in India are irresistible!

Tips For Getting A Home Improvement Loan Grant

Living on a tight budget doesn’t mean you can’t improve your home. A home improvement loan grant from the government may be the perfect solution and most American citizens are eligible to apply for one. Here are a few tips for getting a home improvement loan grant from the government that you should keep in mind.

Some home improvement loan grants are based on income level and ability to qualify for a loan. Many low income families may meet this qualification. Other grants may be based on geographical location and many times rural locations are given preferential treatment. Some home improvement loan grants require that you own your home and that you will not be selling it for a minimum of three years. Elderly home owners may qualify easily if their home needs improvements or renovations to adapt the home to a medical condition. Always read the qualifications of the grant for which you are applying to save yourself time, effort and unnecessary paperwork. You don’t want to apply for a grant if you don’t meet the basic qualifications.

Some grants require that the home improvement to be done be in a certain area of the home or that the improvement is designated to a certain aspect of the home. A valid reason must be given for the home improvement in question. Home improvement loan grants for the elderly are a good example of a valid reason to do a home improvement. Other valid reasons for receiving a home improvement loan grant may include making your home more energy efficient or to have old and dangerous construction supplies such as lead paint or asbestos removed from your home.

Find a grant for which you feel you have the best chance of qualifying. There tend to be many rules and regulations for compliance, but following those application rules to the letter will ensure you the best possible opportunity for receiving your home improvement loan grant. If you have questions concerning the application process, don’t be afraid to ask for help from the appropriate governmental agency or local government.

One useful tool is a grant guide that can be borrowed from the library or purchased from your local bookstore or through the internet. A grant guide will give detailed instructions and information about home improvement loan grants, but it will also give you ideas of other grants for which you may qualify. In order to make the most from your grant guide purchase, be sure to buy the most current copy available as they may be updated every 6 to 12 months.

These tips for getting a home improvement loan grant could have you well on your way to the home improvements you want or need to make. Although grants are free money and do not require repayment, you can’t afford to be sloppy with the application process. Attention to detail is vital. Most home improvement loan grants don’t require contracts like loan companies do, but thoughtful and careful documentation is necessary for success. Be confident, plan carefully and a home improvement loan grant could be in your future.

Travel to the Most Naturally Beautiful Place Called Munnar

Munnar is situated in Kerala and is one of the most popular and loved hill stations of South India. While travelling to Munnar, people are treated to the best scenic view, complete with waterfalls and greenery. In fact, the British discovered its beauty in the tea plantations, trees, farms and roads and it was quite a wild land before that. The view from Munnar comprises of low hung clouds and a calmly wonderful environment. Wild orchids with the name of Neelakurinchi bloom there once in 12 years and there are plenty of stunning flora all around. Those who travel to Munnar have a lot to do during their stay. There are sporting activities like cycling, boating and even paragliding.

Travelers love visiting the tea plantations and factories that make Munnar famous. There are fabulous day tours and visit to Wildlife sanctuary and parks. Although the hill station has fabulous weather all year round, the monsoon months of June/July are to be avoided. Those who can gear up to meet extremely cold weather conditions in December and January should go during that time. Travelers generally go and visit the major attractions of the place. The Eravikulam National Park is 12 km from Munnar and gas rare species of animal and birds. Mattuppetty is famous for its dam-reservoir and all sorts of fun and lively activities happen around the area.

Hotels in Munnar always guarantee one thing and that is beautiful scenery and fabulous accommodation options. The reason why Kerala is known as “god’s own country” can be appreciated just by looking at the breathtaking sceneries all around. There are plenty of exclusive and budget hotels and the travelers can choose cottages, deluxe rooms or normal rooms as per convenience. One can also look at the proximity to favorable and good areas to choose between hotels. The Anaimudi Peak is the tallest peak in India apart from the Himalayas and forest authorities may grant special trekking permit to tourists. Other places like Chinnakanal, Echo point and Top station are also fabulous.

Interestingly enough, there is Rajmala, where nearly half of the population of mountain goat is found. One should book one of their favorite Hotels in Munnar quite in advance, especially if they want to procure a special room or area. There are plenty of accommodation facilities for those who visit and choose on the spot. Kerala is known for easygoing and warm people who are bent to provide the most hospitable treatment. Plenty of delicious food and good service is found in the hill station and one can enjoy all modern facilities and luxuries staying in a place full of natural splendor. It is truly worth investing some time and money in a visit to Munnar.
Kirti is a web enthusiast and a writer. Kirti has afforded his articles and write-ups autonomously and through various online forums. Get more Information: Hotels in Munnar and Hotels in Munnar Kerala